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Wopila for all you do to win Indigenous justice! On Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29, the Lakota People’s Law Project hosted our second annual Wopila Gathering. Thank you to everyone who joined to listen in with our Native leaders, celebrated, and supported. Thanks to you, we reached our fundraising goal — and we hope you enjoyed the program!

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Wopila Gathering

A Live-Streamed Celebration to Honor, Inspire, and Activate

This year's lineup!

Water is Life

A conversation with Phyllis Young

Indian Child Welfare

A conversation with Madonna Thunder Hawk and DeCora Hawk

The Native Vote

A conversation with Chase Iron Eyes & Daniel Paul Nelson

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A Legacy of Justice

Since 2005, the Lakota People’s Law Project has partnered with Native communities to protect sacred lands, safeguard human rights, promote sustainability, reunite Indigenous families, and protect tribal health.

We work in Lakota communities to counteract treaty violations, protect sovereignty, and confront systemic racism. We're helping to defend sacred lands and water, end the removal of children from their families and traditions, uphold human rights, promote sustainability, and amplify Native voices.

Taking Action

In our Lakota Law Action Center, you can get involved and make a real and lasting impact! Check out our campaigns and take action to end pipelines, protect tribal health and safety, safeguard Native children, and so much more. Tell lawmakers to respect treaties and return stolen lands and sacred sites to our continent’s original peoples. We invite you to build unity among frontline communities and become part of the larger movement for equity.

Our First Program

We launched the Lakota Child Rescue Project in 2005 to assist the return of Lakota children to their families, tribes, and communities. We then broadened our mission to include a tribal foster care program funded with direct funds from the federal government, bypassing the state of South Dakota.


In 2016, the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) threatened sacred lands and water, so we expanded our mission to combat the contempt and disregard for First Amendment rights and Lakota sovereignty. In court, we defended Chase Iron Eyes, who faced six years in federal prison for defending his tribe’s ancestral lands.

Defending Native Rights

Since 2017, the Lakota People’s Law Project has responded where and when we’re needed most in Lakota Country. Whether we’re protecting the Native vote, providing disaster relief, or providing resources for children at Standing Rock, we continue to safeguard Lakota communities and win justice for the People.

This Is Your Movement

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The Lakota People’s Law Project is dedicated to reversing the slow genocide of the Lakota People and destruction of Native culture.

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Lakota Law's 2nd Annual Wopila Gathering!